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Estoppel Letter

What is an Estoppel Letter?

An estoppel letter from a Homeowners Association (HOA), in this case the Shelter Cove Homeowners Association (SCHOA) is an Official Certification of a property owner or homeowner’s financial obligations to the association, typically they are monthly maintenance fees, special assessments, fines, etc.

The “entire” Shelter Cove Community is a Deed Restricted community as established and registered with the State of Florida by the Property Developer. The Developer transferred the enforcement of the Deed Restrictions, Rules and Restrictions, and By-Laws to the main SCHOA which is now responsible for implementation and enforcement.

In the case of the SCHOA, a property owners financial obligations “may” include any fines and/or penalties that have been assessed against the property as a result of Architectural Review Committee fees, any Rules and Restrictions infractions that may have resulted in fines and/or penalties, or any SCHOA attorney legal (current or pending) fees. Additionally it is verification that the SCHOA is not in the process of assigning a Lien or does not already have a Lien placed against the property.

Estoppel Letter Use:

The normal use of an HOA estoppel letter is when a bank, Mortgage Company, Lending Institution or Title Company is considering financing a property purchase and needs to know how much money the current owner owes to the association.


Since the Estoppel Letter shows fees, charges, etc., the bank can learn if a seller has attempted to make any unauthorized changes to the residence, such as remodeling. It will also detail any outstanding charges to the homeowner.

For the buyer, the estoppel letter is a “snapshot” of what is owed on a certain date, so this prevents any confusion about homeowner association fees that could arise after the closing.

An estoppel certificate will contain information with respect to the common expenses and obligations that the current owner is responsible for. Other vital information included is:

Fees and Costs:

Estoppels can be ordered at  Estoppel charge is $250 (additional $75 for 3 day RUSH delivery). Association Questionnaire charge is $150. Affidavit of Sufficient Funds charge is $50. Estoppel information will be provided on our standard Sovereign & Jacobs format. Please attach your Association Questionnaire, Completed Application for Approval of Sale and Affidavit of Sufficient Funds with the request form. For assistance please email or call (904) 461-5556.